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Initial ideas, lack of discussion with a broader set of people

If you are reading this lines is because you are interested in the mutual commitment between writer and reader that a digital garden implies. These terms can change at any time and for any reason, but I should stay true to the core of them.

  1. This garden is public and anyone can access, read and share it
  2. Arguments that may sound categoric can be, in fact, not well thought through ideas.
    1. In some cases, I make explicit the epistemic status of the note. This means that I try to ascertain how confident I am on the subject, how much research I've done, and how much experience I have on the matter.
    2. Not all notes have an explicit status, and probably they won't ever have one. It is up to the reader to use their best judgment.
    3. The epistemic status of individual notes is not updated continuously. The amount of backlinks may be used as an indicator.
  3. Permalinks are not permanent . Some notes may simply disappear or move. You are free to link to any page, but it is your responsibility with your readers to keep it up to date.
  4. Thoughts are not permanent . I may change opinions, I may expand my knowledge on certain topics. You are free to quote me, but be mindful about the fact that you are quoting not just a piece of text, you are also doing it in a specific time-stamp
  5. Every note has a timestamp when the moment in which was created and when it was last edited. This information can be used to judge if the ideas reflected in them are current or belong to the past.
  6. Not all pages are notes . When several notes put together make a reasonable argument, they are transformed into articles .
  7. Articles will preserve their permalink while the website persists in time. Their content, as with the notes, will be updated whenever I see fit.
  8. All the written content in this website is shared under a creative commons license (specifically: CC-BY-SA ), unless it is content written by someone else, in which case the original license prevails.
  9. Code snippets are shared under a BSD license

Inspiration to write these terms comes from swyx .


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Aquiles Carattino
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