Extending USB cable with Amphenol connector

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I need to connect a USB hub (see: connecting basler cameras to usb hub ) to a computer through a nice-looking interface that can be mounted on a panel. The first choice I found was an Amphenol connector, like this .

  • First thing to take into account: It is a female/female connector, which means that the cable that goes from the computer to the connector must be a cable without twisting pairs. It took me a while to realize why the computer was failing to connect to a Basler ACE camera, thinking it was a USB2 instead of 3 connection.
  • Second, even if using the proper cables, there is a significant data loss. With cables of 3m, the data loss can be up to 70~80%, with cables of 1m, it can be of up to 10~20%.

The first issue is easy to solve, the second, however is hard to understand. If I extend the cable with a male/female extension cable, I have 0% data loss, meaning that the length of the cable is not the problem, but the connector itself is.

I am testing something called a redriver (like this ), which seems to have solved the problems: I connect the redriver to the Amphenol and the hub to the redriver.

Even though the solution works, spending 100€ just to solve this non-crucial problem seems a bit too much.

Problem solved

We changed to the connectors from rs-electronics and it simply works! Either this or this .

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