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At Dispertech we want to empower researchers by unlocking the potential of extracellular vesicles as biomarkers and drug delivery systems. We also started focusing our attention on the problems arising from nanomedicine . We employ hollow optical fiber in combination with nanoparticle tracking analysis to measure the size with unprecedented accuracy.

Our History

Dispertech is the brain child of Sanli Faez . He developed the technique while doing a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute, first, and later at Leiden University. I joined Sanli's lab in Utrecht University as a part-time postdoc in order to develop the business plan while also participating in UtrechtInc , an incubator associated with the University.

We were joined by Nascent Ventures since the beginning, which allowed us to quickly build a company. Both Steven Tan and Hans Brouwer bring a lot of experience to the business side of the project, including their network of manufactures, suppliers, legal, and technical knowledge.

This project is what allows me to experience entrepreneurship and technology transfer from a first-hand perspective.


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