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The entire purpose of this website was to lower the barrier to writing and, especially, lower the barrier to publishing.

In the end, I am making my own digital garden available online for anyone who is interested in following my very varied trains of thought.

Initially, I subscribed to the idea of a new way of blogging, since I was particularly interested in breaking the chronological order.

But it was clear that at some point there's a chronology associated with the publishing of more finished work (see: What happens when notes become long). For example, if I publish something online on LinkedIn or Twitter, it tends to be associated with an essay I've written.

So now I have a hybrid system. These notes, that become public with rolling updates (even drafts of essays that my never be finished). And a more "professional website" that displays a bit more concisely my work and thoughts.


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Aquiles Carattino
Aquiles Carattino
This note you are reading is part of my digital garden. Follow the links to learn more, and remember that these notes evolve over time. After all, this website is not a blog.
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