Leveraging the digital medium for better note taking

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The digital medium allows to create work flows very different from what Luhmann method proposes, but without neglecting its teachings.

The original idea of the Zettelkasten was that notes should be placed, physically, in relation to one another. Links between notes neglect the idea of placing, and may be that mindlessly we create links to notes without seeing what is at the other end.

On the other hand, links can point to several places, while notes will be placed before or after one another. Even though we can link to another place in the box, the receiving end will not know about this.

The questions are, therefore

  • whether evergreen notes can be a superior approach to static notes (see: Luhmann notes are static).
  • to what extent linking can replace the idea of storing (see: backlinks are the core of my digital garden).
  • What is the difference between writing on paper or on a computer (the first one requires more effort, would that make us more selective?)
  • What other things was Luhman missing? For example, we can combine spaced repetition techniques to increase our remembering of the notes. We can create flexible systems that can be personalized by their users in the same way the Kast and the paper notes can be, look, and contain, whatever we want them to be.

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