Literature/202103131212 aav2 capsids suffer from aggregation making them unstable and harder to use for medical applications

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AAV2 capsids can be used for drug delivery, but they suffer from aggregation at different stages of the production. This makes them unstable for medical applications. The paper of [@wright2005Identification of factors that contribute to recombinant AAV2 particle aggregation and methods to prevent its occurrence during vector purification and formulation] studies several approaches to mitigate aggregation even after several freeze-thaw cycles.

Effect of ionic strength on the aggregation of capsids measured by DLS

One of the most important conclusions is that ionic strength of the medium plays a crucial role. The studies are fundamentally done with dynamic light scattering but this renders challenging studying the ratio of aggregates.

Studying of viral aggregates could be performed by the Dispertech device, and it is without doubts something interesting for VectorY.


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