Multiplex biomarker assays perform better than single cancer biomarkers

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The entire field of extracellular vesicle research is at a complexity-crossroads. Size, stiffness, charge, molecular composition, cargo molecules, they all seem to overlap between healthy and non-healthy patients, between EVs and non-EVs (see, for example: HIV-1 contains CD9 and CD63).

The only way to move one step forward is, therefore, to create multi-parametric studies on EV's. However, I have the feeling that it is not enough to study different dimensions, but that they must be done on the same particle. It will not be enough to measure size on one device, and to proteomics later.

The question is what would bring the highest yield. For example, the use of Extracellular vesicles as markers for prostate cancer has been relatively swamped, even if prostate cancer is not a minor health issue in the world.

The secret may be to identify, after doing a careful desk-research, what are the different approaches that may yield the most accurate results. What combination of parameters can be used to rule out/in a given disease, or to quantify the risk group.


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