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This company was started by Philip Kukura to commercialize iSCAT devices. I am not sure about their internal structure, but it has been active since 2018.

In Nov 2020 they got a 30MU$ round.

Their devices are sold for 170k€, installation and 1-day training are 2300U$, and they have a range of consumables (like clean coverslips).

As far as I understand, their goal since the inception of the company is the traditional Oxford path: get acquired ASAP. After a 30M round, I see this a bit less likely in the short term. In order to grow to a ~300M valuation, they'll have to achieve sales of around 200 devices a year and show no stagnation.

That may be the deal with Illumion, opening new business lines without sacrificing their own capital and brand in the bio sector.


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