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I think the biggest challenge of our time is to bring millions of people out of scientific blindness. And by Science after WWII has stagnated I do not mean just math and physics , I mean a general approach to the understanding of the world . And this is not purely rational and equation-driven. Understanding the world means questioning it, proposing ideas and validating them. Being open to other's opinions, results, and experiences and build on them.

Improving on science education does not mean that we should all become technical people. It means that we can have a general idea of the risks and opportunities that machine learning , nuclear energy, racially biased laws have. The lack of a general science education is giving few people (and countries) a lot of power, based on the lack of access to information .

Education is based on information transfer and Education is not based on knowledge buildup . Perhaps reversing science education can be the best approach to bridge the gap, but it would require a massive investment.


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