Social media for scientific marketing

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Compared to the traditional marketing funnel, social media allows marketing campaigns to reach unprecedented levels of targeting. The idea is that the first few stages of outbound, lead generation, content, and promotion can all be handled by the automation tools provided by social media platforms [@ghanadan2016Catalytic Experiences: Persuading Scientists and Clinicianswith Effective Digital Marketing].

Specifically on [@ghanadan2016Catalytic Experiences: Persuading Scientists and Clinicianswith Effective Digital Marketing], the author tries to navigate a very thin line between marketing and privacy invasion. I think this is one of today's biggest problems: greed fueled by unscrupulous marketing tactics lead to a situation in which user privacy online is completely destroyed.

With these caveats, marketers will still greatly benefit from installing marketing automation platforms if they use the technology responsibly and with the intention of providing genuine value to audiences with each touch, rather than bombarding the industry with promotional material.

The fact of craving for narrow targeting options fuels the need of corporations such as Facebook to collect even more data on their users. All so that a biotech company can show a person an advertisement.

Privacy concerns aside, in Catalytic Experiences - Hamid Ghanadan, the author argues that marketing budget on social platforms can be spent wisely and that automation can lead to resurfacing content at the right time without continuous human intervention.


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