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Assuming that the traditional marketing funnel is no longer a valid model to drive sales, [@ghanadan2016Catalytic Experiences: Persuading Scientists and Clinicianswith Effective Digital Marketing] proposes a different approach, in which social media for scientific marketing has a predominant role. With this in mind, he also argues that customers must experience brands in a completely different way. In principle, the marketeer can guide the approach through:

  • Thought leadership
  • Catalytic experience
  • Humanization

In all cases, the idea is that brands should be closer to customers. A company's profile is almost at the same level than a person's profile on social networks. Feeds are mingled, and therefore having an honest display of the company's intentions is always a great benefit.

Specifically, a catalytic experience can be achieved through a combination of materials, written, audio, video, that drive a customer towards making the decisions the marketeer was expecting.


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