Some products are designed taking into account only men

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Some products are designed to work only (or better) for men. This is the case, for example, of smartphones with big screens, which can’t be held by people with smaller hands and especially by women. The case of the iPhone is paradigmatic, since women drive the sales of the phones, but the design does not account for them at all [@criadoperez2020Invisible women: exposing data bias in a world designed for men, chapter 8]. The same happens with voice recognition that works better for men than women.

There are two concerns at this point: One is why would women pay the same price for a device that obviously delivers less value than to a man.

The other one is how can it be that, despite all the business advice regarding being lean, understanding customers, etc. companies such as Apple can still be neglecting all the data they have at their disposal. Is this what happens when you have non-diverse teams?

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