The status quo of the research industry

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This is what [@ioannidis2014How to Make More Published Research True] describes as the status quo of the research industry:

  • Research is an industry with over 15M people authoring papers (25M were published between 1996 and 2011)
  • Results and applications are exaggerated, translation (i.e. technology transfer) is slow and inefficient
  • 85% of research resources are wasted (#TODO: check reference # 5)
  • Non-meritocratic practices like nepotism, sexism, unwarranted conservatism are probably widespread
  • There is little experimental evidence on how peer review should be done and when (protocol-based, manuscript-based, post-publication)
  • Scientific structures can be traced back to the Middle Ages (academic hierarchies) or the 17th century: professional societies, journal publishing. Is this still valid today?


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