Why would you learn how to open source projects

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f# Why would you learn how to open source projects?


  • A PI who does not actually code/build:
    • to understand how to empower the careers of the people they mentor
  • A Ph.D./Postdoc:
    • To create a name by themselves
  • General:
    • To try to solve problems in reproducibility
    • To simplify the process of building on each other knowledge
    • Because it is a requirement from funding agencies
    • Just because, why not?
    • A political statement? (Open source is a political act)
  • A manager in a company:
    • To create a following, AKA: traction
    • To lower the maintainability burden: people can solve their own problems
    • To avoid paying license fees
  • An employee in a company:
    • To build a persona that transcends the company
    • To give back to a community
    • To have a clear product to market to a next employment? <- This is fundamental for Ph.D.s and Postdocs, especially if they move out of academia
    • To be able to pitch to managers the idea of open-sourcing
  • People working in Open Hardware
    • What are their objectives? <- #TODO, try to understand the community


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