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Specific value in being open hardware
Specific value in being open hardware
Successful open projects are those that last longer
Scientific incentives push to build new not build on
Reproducibility is the key factor of open science
Open hardware projects focus on cutting costs
Open hardware projects focus on cutting costs
Open innovation
Open science
Octopi, Open (?) microscope able to process 1.5M red blood cells/min
Open hardware business model
Open hardware should not be a strategy to overcome licensing
Lower the Barrier to Writing
Why would you learn how to open source projects?
Single-molecule detection with a 3d printed microscope
Specialty parts suppliers for open-hardware tools
Scientist are changing how they consume content
Sharing reproducible models
Selling open-hardware tools
Selling open-hardware services
Outsourcing experiments with open hardware tools
Open hardware microscope chambers
Knowledge is a positive externality
Is openspim a good example of open hardware
Guide on how to open-source projects
Externality in economics
Flamingo project
Flamingo project
Challenges of private education projects
Aquiles Carattino, Physicist, Entrepreneur, and everything in between.
Open Hardware Business Models
Essays/exciting vesicles - the field where biology meets technology
Literature/202305251750 open hardware can transform access to lab equipment
Literature/202306121138 different types of open hardware
Literature/202306121143 open hardware is not all about money
Literature/open-source miniature spectrophotometer (osms)


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