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Biotix sells pipettes and tips. In Catalytic Experiences - Hamid Ghanadan they tell the story of the marketing strategy to increase sales and visibility in an overly crowded market.

In order to use the content centric model of marketing, they studied the context using the Four Ps of Marketing from the company perspective, the market perspective and the customer perspective.

Although pipetting is user-dependent, they didn't go to the full extreme of calling it an art as they did in the Catalytic Experience of GE Healthcare Life Sciences.

Essentially, pipette tips are not something researchers think about, it is merely something they use and discard. The pay more attention to the pipette itself. Most don't care about the brand, many keep using what they are already using out of inertia. However, there was a clear opportunity to minimize uncertainty regarding contamination (the USP of Biotix.)

  • Leadership: In order to push the message of their pipettes being better than anything else, they developed a series of ironical videos in which Piper and Tippen demonstrate the challenges of pipetting properly and how easily it can be done with the Biotix tips.
  • Education: An interactive, long-scrolling website, shows how the tips work, the indicator of contamination.
  • Persuation: The website allows to place an order that would essentially redirect customers to the VWR website to complete the purchase.


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