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Western blotting is a technique that has been around for many years. The problem is that it is very prone to errors, to the point that many scientists refer to it as an art. In Catalytic Experiences - Hamid Ghanadan, they show the marketing case of positioning a machine from GE that was somewhat automated.

This is a new device and therefore it will go through the known phases of early-adoption, to majority, to laggards.

From a marketing perspective, therefore, the first step was to interview scientists and understand how they view western blotting, in order to define a value proposition (not necessarily external) that would condense the meaning of the new machine.

Using the content centric model of marketing, the Linus Group developed a campaigned that revolved around the idea of showing that western blotting is an art form, and the new machine was equivalent to the jump from analog to digital photography.

The campaign had 3 stages:


The company created an infographic showing the steps involved in performing western blotting. Hosted on their website and promoted through social media with some partners.


They evolved the interactive infographic to accommodate the analogy of western blotting to analog photography. The purpose of this step is to implant the question on scientists mind whether things could be done better.

They also organized a webinar and scientists from GE introduced the analogy with analog photography in order to create a deeper message.


They planned an online unveiling event, developed a microsite to explain the technology and draw the parallelisms that were discussed earlier. Moreover, they used a video of a scientists who is a photographer and uses western blot to further push the ideas that the art form is not abandoned, it is just a natural evolution towards a more standardized solution.

The Catalytic Experience in this case is the complete package of video+webinar+interactive website that guides curious potential users through the entire decision cycle.


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