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Modeling on top of how the scientific mind works, it is possible to think about how to structure content so that it fits into the different stages of the scientific method.

  • Leadership content is the type of content that positions a company as an innovator. This is the type of content that would trigger the recognition of a scientist needs.
  • Education Content is requires when the scientist is in the exploration phase. By presenting balanced evidence it is possible to persuade a scientist to formulate a hypothesis around a given technology.
  • Persuassion Content is meant to provide evidence of the value proposition. Is the technology going to address the problems the scientist recognized. This is the validation of the commercially available solution.

The Golden Circle for Content Centric Model

The three types of content can be correlated to The Golden Circle very easily. The why is the stage to activate curiosity by asserting a provocative point of view. The how is provided by the educational content. Finally the what is the validation of the hypothesis.

What I wonder is how to handle the fact that different companies can be operating on the same space. At Dispertech we do nanoparticle characterization, but we are no the only ones. Currently, since part of our technology is based on nanoparticle tracking analysis, we try to leverage the existing educational content to lure people into talking to us.

I have seen advertisements on search results with very aggressive wording against known techniques. Is this a valid way of shifting attention and perhaps trigger new ideas on a scientist?

Literature Note: Catalytic Experiences - Hamid Ghanadan

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