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In effectuation theory for entrepreneurs, the idea of the bird in the hand relates to understanding who am I and what I have[@ianuzzi2017Entrepreneurship for Physicists] and defining what can be achieved with what I currently posses. There are three main ingredients:

  • Identity (Who am I?)
  • Knowledge
  • Network

Particularly, for scipreneurs, the reflection can go as follows[@ianuzzi2017Entrepreneurship for Physicists]

  • A PI has a strong position in a specific niche, which grants them access to a pool of early adopters of a technology. Therefore, identifying who in the sense of how other perceive me. The knowledge comes from the niche in which research is done, and the network is obvious.

One of the advantages of academic entrepreneurship (for PI's: see: entrepreneurship for a PI is very different than for a PhD or postdoc) is that the time allocation to different tasks is very flexibly. Pursuing entrepreneurial paths could be arranged without sacrificing too much personal time. This is radically different from corporate entrepreneurs.


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