How to Remember how to Link notes in a Digital Garden

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I received this question more than once already. When building a digital garden , how do you remember what you can link to and how. I have a very simple process.

Each note is a file. Its name is more or less descriptive. For example, the name of the file for this note is how to remember what to . For linking between notes I use the double bracket notation: [[ ]] . Therefore, if I want to link to a file called how I built this I just type down [[how i built this website]] . It translates to:

how i built this website .

An extra feature, is that since I am using Obsidian to write the notes, every time I start a link, it will show me some suggestions based on what I type. This helps me avoid creating a link like:

[[how this website is built]]

Sometimes links are single-worded, in which case it is easy to do it right. For example, I can link to the name of a program, or a very specific concept. But for general ideas, or longer sentences, then it can become slightly more complicated.

I have seen what Andy Matuschak does in his notes , and I can tell that a lot happens because of him remembering that he already wrote something down and forces the link to those notes.

This Is Work In Progress

How to build links between notes is still working in progress . At this stage I was focusing more on creating a base set of knowledge notes and an emergent taxonomy , and can revisit the status later.


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