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Is a company from New Zealand that is focused on two main products: a TRPS instrument (Exoid) and an automated fraction collector for size exclusion chromatography.

The company is very interesting because it used to push extremely hard to get the Exoid in front of customers and regulators. They made wild claims about their system, most of which never worked in the hands of people.

(I heard from people working at LNE that they are quite pissed with iZon because of how aggressive they've become regarding pushing for adoption of their systems.)

I'm not sure how they are financed, but they seem to keep a constant number of people based in Europe.

Somehow they came across size exclusion chromatography and they very quick at identifying the value. They built a system that has a rotating revolver in which eppendorfs collect the different fractions. It can be programmed from a touch screen and it looks very sleek.

As far as I know, that's the product keeping the company alive. The only innovation I've seen in the last few years is regarding the particles they use for SEC, and the size of the columns (they claim they can go to industrial scale.)


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