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One of the challenges of bringing a new technology to market is that the audience needs to be informed about it (Marketing). In catalytic experiences, the discussion on the educational content is placed from the perspective of the normal flow of the scientific mind (which overlaps with The Golden Circle).

However, there's another aspect which is important to consider, which is making the customers critically aware of the flaws of the competition.

For example, when I started Dispertech, our customers where not worried at all about the lack of accuracy of nanoparticle tracking analysis. They were using the tools as-is. Took years for them to understand the limitations of nanoparticle tracking analysis and start seeking out for alternatives.

Some companies, like iZon, leveraged the momentum and started creating content bashing out on others. Perhaps it worked for them, perhaps it was too aggressive.

In any case, I believe that innovative products required a level of education on the consumer, and that needs to happen at every layer, from marketing to sales. And the only why to achieve that is to have people who are aware of this flow (at marketing and at sales).

Specifically in scientific products, part of the education happens through papers (some of which will be known by the customers, many probably not). That is why a valuable marketing strategy for science-based startups is to engage early on the publication of papers.


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