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Marketing can quickly become expensive and with mixed results. The discussions I had with other Instrumentation companies (deep tech) normally didn't provide much insight on what they do that is worth doing.

Evergreen marketing refers to those activities that are always up to date and that don't require continuous feeding. For example, showing up at conferences is a continuous process that requires upkeep, the same with social media (lack of updates makes the profile fade away quickly.)

On the other hand, a website is always there and accretes. Over time, the website will start appearing on search results. The trick is to plan it for the long run. The more content you create (content centric model of marketing) that is appropriate for your customers and your product, the higher the chances of success.

Stressing over SEO, keyword optimization, and whatnot, has very little value compared to honesty and transparency.

For scipreneurs, published papers work as evergreen marketing. As time passes, they accumulate cites, and if they raise awareness, the tools used will raise awareness themselves.

And, definitely, a device installed somewhere is evergreen marketing (if it's used.) Everyone will see the instrument somewhere. Make it memorable, like what iZon did with the Exoid.


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