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In many entrepreneurial resources, there is a lot of pressure to solving problems . It is tightly associated with the idea off love the problem and not the solution .

This framework, which in many cases it works well, it also falls short when thinking about science-based startups , because how can you Love the problem if you don't know what it is ? And once you know it and you perform a Competitor analysis , you'll find out there is always a solution to the problem . People already do what they need to do.

technology push companies (like many science-based ones) are pushing new tools to the market because they can do novel things. It is the classic example of technologies in search of a problem . Doing something better than the status-quo does not mean it will become a successful business, but that does not negate that it may be worth exploring.

The framework I started using in recent years is: Jobs to be done framework . It addresses opportunities in their context.


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