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Role-playing games can be an asset for education, since they allow to explore the boundaries of what is known by students. For example, a game could be about colonizing a planet, and students will need to learn how to make water, conserve energy, etc. They can also explore the boundaries of morale, like abandoning someone who gets sick, discriminating based on personal traits or beliefs, etc.

Properly developed games can be an asset to address the fact that teachers lack tools to design a science curriculum, extending it to non-scientific fields. Assuming a role is something that already happens in the simulations of the UN, for example, where kids need to embody representatives of a given country (not necessarily their own).

Careful design of the RPG courses is fundamental, since there is a fine boundary with gamification of education, but I think there are no doubts it can help with the ideas of async education, and distributed education.

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