Teachers lack tools to design a science curriculum

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When a teacher needs to plan lectures for a school year, they must relate to the information, tools, and context at hand.

Access to information, although apparently a trivial problem to solve, is not well organized. For example, programs (established by ministries and other bureaucratic organisms) and contents divided by each school year can be challenging to find[@furman2020Aprender ciencias en las escuelas primarias de América Latina] if not impossible.

Next, the access to tools, both physical and intellectual is lacking. Teachers have a hard time finding ideas of structure for their classes. Many end up repeating the content of the text book, in an encyclopedic approach. Because of the Correlation between pedagogical approach and science education outputs, this proves to be problematic in the long-term.

Considering the context of education is of utmost importance. Especially in primary education, access to a lab may not be as important. Since ideas are born through interaction with the world, kids should be free to explore it outside of the classroom.


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