A demonstration is the most powerful marketing tool

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While we can argue about Marketing for a long time, all the evidence points to the fact that there's nothing more useful than organizing a demonstration.

In the case of Instrumentation, for example, there is no way a customer will purchase without any proof of functioning. Especially at the beginning, these demonstrations must be organized by the company.

Real samples, in a real location.

People can experience the workflow, can see the product in its context.

As time passes, demonstrations happen in a different way. People move around from one lab to another and would naturally get exposed to different instruments.

The demo becomes needed for the introduction of new tools and not to keep up with the marketing program of earlier tech (see: levels of awareness for marketing, Evergreen marketing).

Digital tools have a very cheap way of organizing demonstrations: a free trial. You don't even need to do it hands on if you believe in the UX of your product.


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