Levels of awareness for marketing

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They are tightly related to the Four stages of competence, but adapted to the Marketing context.

(Perhaps developed by Eugene Schwartz)

These are the four stages that prospects experience

  • Unaware: They are not aware of the need nor desire your offer
  • Problem Awareness: the prospect knows they have a need, but they are not aware of any solution
  • Solution Awareness: the prospect knows about solutions but is unaware of your specific offer
  • Offer Awareness: they know your offer but they don't know if its the proper one for them.

This can be combined with the idea of catalytic experiences to overcome the limitations of the traditional marketing funnel for scipreneurs.

It also aligns with the number of contact points in marketing needed to move a prospect from one level to the next.

It's important to remember that, in this context, the information that is presented to each person needs to be tailored to the specific level in which they are.

If you keep talking about the problem for someone who is already aware of the solutions around, you probably will lose them.

In complex products (like deep tech, and those that scipreneurs bring to market), jobs theory and customer journeys my add the necessary context to fine tune the approach at different stages and for different people.


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