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Aquiles Carattino

My name is Aquiles Carattino . I am a physicist who decided to resign to a PhD opportunity in my home country to work in industry for a year. Later, I moved to The Netherlands to start a PhD . Once done, it was time to move out of academia. I decided to start my own business, you can find more information on the things I've done .

Currently I am working full time at Dispertech , a small startup based in Amsterdam. I co-founded the company in 2019 and the scope is to build solutions for researchers in different fields of the life-sciences. Currently we are focusing on two main areas: extracellular vesicle research and nanomedicine .

Besides my scientific interests in the topics of microscopy, optics, and nanoparticles, I always enjoyed programming. From Instrumentation software to websites. I am concerned with, what I consider, are the major challenges of my generation: climate and the environment (see: Klimaat Helpdesk ), online privacy (see: Privalytics ), digital education (see: building courses as knowledge trees ).

I think and discuss about many topics, including: open source , technology transfer , user privacy online , and, generally speaking, how to make a better world . If you want to reach out, you can always grab my attention on a Friday afternoon to Talk to Me .

Free Time and Hobbies

Of course, not everything in my life is about thinking solely about the biggest problems and challenges. As any healthy person, I do have hobbies and interests that sometimes do not overlap with my professional interests. I dance Tango . I like building websites, such as this one (see: how i built this website ). I like programming in Python , and recently started picking up sailing.


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Aquiles Carattino
Aquiles Carattino
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