Aquiles Carattino, Physicist, Entrepreneur, and everything in between.

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Aquiles Carattino

I am a physicist who became an entrepreneur. I have a PhD in optics, focusing on the characterization of gold nanoparticles. I studied ways of using them as temperature sensors in very small scales, as well as how to employ them as labelling agents for cell biology.

I founded Dispertech back in 2019 together with Sanli Faez, Hans Brouwer, and Steven Tan. We have heavily focussed on the characterization of extracellular vesicles, which can be regarded as a form of naturally occurring nanoparticles.

I have a broad range of interests, including open hardware and impact investment. I dance tango in my free time, and go sailing when the weather allows it. I worry about user privacy online, and like complaining on Twitter.

I spend some time programming, mostly with Python. There's an incomplete list of things I've done up to now.


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Aquiles Carattino
Aquiles Carattino
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