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Again, this chapter in [@carnegie2010How to win friends & influence people] is how to avoid conflicts and get people to agree with you by starting dialogues in a friendly way. He cites examples of industrialists dealing with union strikes, in which the boss (people in the likes of Rockefeller) instead of confronting face-on the strike, started speeches saying that they were all friends and that he understood the struggles, etc.

He quotes some examples of someone wanted the rent reduced, or something fixed in a building. In all cases, instead of starting with the problem and generating a conflict, you can find common, pleasurable ground with the other person. First become a friend, and then ask what you need.

I understand that these chapters are framed in the perspective of persuading others, but I find them a bit redundant, since they are repeating pretty much what he mentioned in part 2, such as Talk in terms of the other person's interests, or Make the other person feel important - and do it sincerely.

Literature Note: The Leader in You - Dale Carnegie

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