Let the other person feel that the idea is his or hers

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The approach of letting the other person think the idea is theirs is as old as time. The easiest way of convincing someone is if they need no convincing [@carnegie2010How to win friends & influence people]. We can plant the inception of an idea in someone's mind if we are smart enough. That idea will grow into a need. A very simple example: asking how do you solve a given problem. If they think of a solution you already have available, problem solved.

Of course, depending on the context, this will create lack of credit, which may not suit our purposes. In [@carnegie2010How to win friends & influence people], there's an example of 'the president' passing an idea as his, while it was actually someone else's. Does it matter? The policy eventually passed, but the political gain was absorbed by the other one. In science this can also be detrimental to one's advancement of their careers.

Sure, for sales it is great. But recognition in a lot of contexts is also very important. I am not sure of how to balance both.

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