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In [@carnegie2010How to win friends & influence people], Dale Carnegie suggests that a dog has many friends because he is genuinely interested in people. Therefore we could use this knowledge to our own advantage. He cites examples of phone communications where the most repeated word is I, and quotes Adler, stating that the person who does not show interest in others will have great difficulties in others.

There are other examples, for example for a writer. He states that in order to create compelling stories, writers must be interested in the stories of others. If not, they will create texts that are too far from what the reader wants and can’t create a connection. There are some examples of sales people who get more attention by showing interest, also in people who will note directly make a decision.

Examples of politicians that remembered people’s stories and backgrounds, and that showed interest in their lives.

Interest must pay off not only for the person showing it, but for the person receiving the attention.

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