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I started this digital garden in 2020, and have been actively thinking on how it fits within my knowledge creation strategy.

There's a fine line between a digital garden and a personal blog. I took the approach of using this space as the public counterpart of my note taking process, sometimes also related to the idea of learning in public.

The challenge is that is messy, and hard to consume. The only way to navigate is via links and backlinks, there are no categories (but there are tags in digital gardens).

What I like about the garden, is that it nicely accommodates different topics. From books I read (fiction and non-fiction), to TV-Shows I want to remember, to general thinking better by writing down.

I was inspired by Andy Matuschak and his split between notes and blog. His may be the only digital garden I check periodically.

When I started, I was a bit lost. There's a bulk of recommendations and approaches. The discussion back then was regarding breaking the chronological order when publishing. However, most of the projects ended up not being maintained. Very few are actually kept as digital gardens.

In that context, Maggie Appleton has a very nice interface between notes and essays. However, most of the notes are closer to drafts than to concept-based. However, she reached the same approach regarding What happens when notes become long, and transformed them into essays.

In my specific case, I publish the essays on a different domain,, and rarely edit them. Notes, on the other hand, I strive to keep them alive, reviewing them and linking them as I add more information into the graph.

Somehow, publishing the digital garden became so easy, that struggle to see the incentive of opening Wordpress and going through a blotted interface just to get a piece of text out.


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Aquiles Carattino
Aquiles Carattino
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