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According to to the literature/202303251644 Jobs to be done framework [@ulwickJobs to be Done: Theory to Practice], creating new products starting with brainstorming ideas is a flawed approach. The rationale is that customers need to perform so many tasks, that the chances of getting an idea that addresses several of the under-served outcomes is almost non-existing.

Much effort has been put in validating ideas quickly (see: idea validation and experiments for idea validation), as proposed by lean methodology for startups. But validating ideas comes at an immense cost, and it may be one of the reasons why since most startups fail, there's a large number of false positive observations (also: product market fit with biased data).

There are many "big names" that propose the approach of "fail fast" in order to iterate as quickly as possible on your products. However, there must be a better approach.

See: jobs theory


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